2019: Spread some joy!

What started as an informal evening wrapping gifts in a living room has now become The Open Hands Alliance, a small group of friends with sensitive hearts worn proudly on their sleeves. We close our annual gift drive with a wrapping party to thank everybody for their contributions and to celebrate how awesome it is to come together and do good. The idea is that a gift bears more meaning if its thoughtfully packaged and hopefully offers a moment of joy while being unwrapped.

Please join us Wednesday December 11th at Gold Hill Mesa’s Community Center for our 5th annual gift wrapping event to benefit Homeward Pikes Peak. We’ve been asked, “Why another gift or toy drive, aren’t these pretty common?” The answer is no. The recipients of our events do not have other donors like us and most shelters operate on budgets stretched to their fullest capabilities. While most problems can’t be solved with gift cards and toys, the gifts offer support and comfort during a time when people may need it most.

Think you can help but aren’t sure how? Maybe you have a skill to share or want to wrap gifts during the event.  Whatever it is, we promise your help will make a difference.

For drop offs, Please inventory your gifts for your records and ours, you can download the inventory tracker and gift wish list here.  Gifts can be simple and if you use it in your day to day life, chances are somebody else could too.

We hope you’ll take a moment to check out the organization we serve this year, Homeward Pikes Peak.

Thank you,


open hands alliance annual holiday gift drive in colorado springs