Lori Fleming, Stacey Henry, Tanya JEffrey Colorado Springs


The biggest, most heartfelt thank you is in order for everyone that helped us make our second annual gift drive a huge success!

Because of you, not only did we hit our funding goal, but gifts are still coming in. This abundance of generosity and support within our circles and our community was deeply appreciated by both receiving organizations, Partners In Housing and Urban Peak.

So far, we’ve estimated over 900 contributions totalling over $5,640 in value. 75 people came together that night and as the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” We couldn’t have hit our goal without the help of everyone involved. Our husbands and children were so completely invested into the event’s success that working side by side felt nothing like work at all.

An extra special thanks to:

The  arc Pikes Peak Region for donating so many items!

Chef Molly for providing an incredible spread of appetizers

Stephanie for providing the wine

Brandon Henry for providing beverages and man power

Jim Pierce for cooking and sharing your recipes

Jon and Edie at Cottonwood Center for the Arts for graciously allowing us to take over the building

Again, a huge thank you to everyone that made this happen!

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