open hands alliance holiday gift drive

About Us

The Open Hands Alliance is a tiny organization that likes to collect, wrap and distribute gifts during the holidays. We are not a non profit organization, we don’t have the bandwidth for that structure. We just want to give back our community and hope you will too. Now we wouldn’t be opposed to growing the event and covering more ground. That would require more hands and bodies and brainpower. Interested in helping us do that? We’d love to hear from you.


open hands alliance stacey dawn henry colorado springs

Stacey Henry

As a mother to 3 amazing children, family always comes first to Stacey. She along with her husband Brandon, love the great outdoors, and their hobbies include mountain biking, hiking, cycling and anything that puts them outside. Coming from a large family, Stacey understands the struggles at Christmas. As a child, there wasn’t much to go around, but holidays meant the world to her and her siblings. The feeling of giving something from the heart still resonates today, as Stacey has a soft spot for children of all ages all year long. If time and energy permitted, Stacey would provide gifts for every child in town and would grow the organization into a full time operation. And who knows, she might be the one to do just that.

open-hands-alliance tanya shaw jeffrey

Tanya Shaw

Tanya Jeffrey is a 39 year old mother, artist, designer and activist, and she enjoys translating all of those roles into her work. Tanya art directs Springs, the local city magazine and produces award winning designs for Ginseng Creative Co.  A woman of many side hustles, she peddles die cut decals and stickers along with whatever else she’s making.   

Tanya’s own experience with homelessness as a child is the very core of her giving today. Tanya remembers Christmas in a homeless shelter and knows the value of receiving those gifts. “It’s all feel-good and joyful until we distribute the gifts  It’s heartbreaking being exposed to the needs of the community. It leaves you with the need to do more. It’s painful and hurts and drives us to do it all again.”

Lori Fleming

Lori’s advocacy for the underprivileged began as a small child with a love for animals. With a veterinarian assisting certification from Pima Medical Institute, Lori’s kindness extends past kiddos, as she has taken home her share of rescue dogs (and probably your share too.) Also an outdoors enthusiast, Lori and her family enjoy spending time outdoors, exploring Colorado’s vibrant landscape. In August of 2016, she and her husband Jim were married (check out the lovely bride above) and they now trek down the pathway to happily ever after. During their free time (and sometimes, not free time) they focus on strengthening their family connection, specifically with their 3 kids, Carmen, Coda & Kore. Being a mom has become Lori’s driving force, as well as the inspiration behind her philanthropy. “I feel like no young person should feel left out, forgotten or without, especially during the holidays.”